Privacy & Policy

AloChat is free messaging and acquaintance platform.

AloChat offers you services with following conditions. These conditions are considered to regulate the use from this service of you. Please read the terms of use attentively.

- Your obligations

You warrant that, you will use this service only in accordance with the terms of use, honestly, obeying the law and will not do the followings:
Obscene, pornographic, threatening, racist, dangerous, abusive, slanderous, revealing the secret( including copyrights) violate any intellectual property rights and objectionable or unlawful in other way ;
disrupt the security of the system or network which may cause to make a civil or criminal answer; Use to sell site or services,advertisement or any services and goods for any commercial purpose without the consent of AloChat.

- Rights

AloChat has to right to efface or suspend the user's account in violation of terms of use from the service or Legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
Terms of use can be changed by AloChat without any special warnings.

- Responsibility

AloChat assumes no responsibility for damages arising from the use of any service or quality.
AloChat also does not assume the responsibility for any loss related to delays, non-observance, service failure not depending on AloChat.
AloChat makes serious efforts ensure the safety of your information. But there is a risk of prevention and acquisition of your information unlawfully by the others except the person whom was sent for reasons beyond our control.
AloChat doesn't bear responsibility for the content included to the site and services or related to the site that created or printed by use